Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Hai boots

I bought my last rubber boots in spring 2005 in Copenhagen. They were cheap and pretty. White with simple grey and black flowers in them. But this year's rainy Karkkugospel (open air 1-day Christian music event) day, when I last wore my boots made my realize their time is up. I started keeping my eyes open for new ones. My old ones, cheap as they were, weren't the best ones for my feet. So I new I wanted proper brand boots. And I wanted Nokian boots, because they are Finnish. Yes, the same company that later realized there's market for cell phones.

Nokian footwear has different kinds of boots and shoes for rainy and winter weathers. I decided upon Hai boots that come from their City collection and also are one of the original models. They are shorter and fit snugly, which make them good for city use. And they have nice colors to choose from.

We left to buy the boots today, because we are attending an annual Christian summer fest in the weekend (mostly open air) and the weather forecast promised rain for Saturday. I wanted new boots for that. We thought we'd just pop into a bigger store and get them. Nooo... I wanted a particular color, yellow, and the store didn't have it in my size. We ended up going through a store after store and not finding my size or my color. Finally, my wonderful hubby thought to look up the factory store in Nokia, which is the city where the whole company is from and took its name. It's about a 30-minute drive from where we live, but we had got closer to it on our search going from store to store. There finally I got to have my pick and choose! I ended up selecting another color I had hunted for, but a color I hadn't seen in any of the places we had been to. I picked a pair of dark orange Hai boots and plan to take good care of them, so they will serve me well and long.

Don't pay attention to my abnormally white legs...

P.S. I'm also wearing the pants I got with my gift card I mentioned a couple of weeks ago.


  1. Oh how sweet of him to go to Nokia for your boots. :) And your legs are not abnormally white, that's just the way Finnish legs are in these kind of "summers".

    1. He's as sweet as can be :) And thank you for the comforting words about my legs. You are right. I just thought they might freak out someone not from Finland ;)

  2. Hi, what size of shoes u usually wear, and what size of Nokian Hai u bought? Wonder if should go with size 37 or 38. Usually I wear size 38. Please help to choose the right size for me ;(