Monday, January 7, 2013


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Finally a FO here on the blog! Knitting was something I sort of forgot in the last months of year 2012, up until the very end. I got really frustrated with my hat situation and went on the look-out for some cute hat patterns. The one I chose was Capucine, with Positori's mods. When I started making this, it was very hard for me to put it down for the night, I was in a frenzy!
- "I can't believe I forgot how fun it is to knit!"
Now I'm making another one, from an even bulkier yarn, as well as having my long-term project, the Sky Scarf, on my needles.

I really liked knitting this and I'm happy with the result too. Easy and quick to make, cute and practical to wear. The perfect hat for someone with a fringe and sensitive ears (read: me).

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Starting Sky Scarf

A little over a year ago, browsing through Pinterest, I came across this pin

Sky Scarf
A way to document weather during one year of your life. 

You have different colors of which you pick a couple to reflect the sky each day and knit a stripe (two rows). The idea for this comes from Lea Redmond from Leafcutter Designs and her Conceptual Knitting, which has a group on Ravelry too.

I didn't start it then, but thought the idea was brilliant. I talked about it with another knitter some time in the fall and she got really excited. It was actually her, who got me into this project again, when she asked me the link just in the last days of December. We decided to do it together, on our different ways and compare the results after this year.

Today, I went to a local yarn store and bought the yarn for it. I've made a note both today and yesterday about the color of the sky, so I know what to knit later. I was browsing through the blog posts about the pattern on Ravelry and noticed a triangular version, by Cabled Sheep, who documented the knitting of the scarf on her blog. She took the idea but changed the form. She used a Finnish designer's pattern Lacy Baktus, which again is a variation of a Norwegian designer's Baktus scarf. So now I am thinking about using the Baktus scarf pattern for making my Sky Scarf, instead of just making a straight rectangular scarf.... 

I mean to document my progress on the scarf here on the blog, every month, if I can manage. I'm excited to be doing this long-term project!