Friday, July 20, 2012

High Five for Friday

Here again with my five favorite things since last Friday. I'm linking up with Lauren @ From My Grey Desk, whose come up this great idea!

1. Having friends over

We've had friends in our home on most of the days since last Friday and it's been wonderful! I love spending time with friends and having them over in our home. It also gives a good reason to make something yummy, when there's more than just the two of us eating it. Many people have said we have a huge dining table and it's true that it's a lot bigger than we need on day-to-day basis. But I love the idea of having friends around our table and serving them good food.

2. A fairly organized home

Another good thing about having friends over is that when you know you'll have guests you don't let yourself slip into the chaos mode and it's a lot easier to maintain a fairly good organization. Guests are always a very good motivator to clean up and when you have them often enough, the clean-up will also be quick and more effortless.

3. My chivalrous husband

We've been married five years and I'm so grateful for my amazing husband. Romance naturally changes a little from the times couples have just met to when they've been together for quite some time. My husband treated me like a princess in a very down-to-earth sort of way on Monday. We were out shopping and while at the stores, it started to rain. It absolutely poured down, there was no way we could have made it back to the car dry. Yet, I was practically dry when I reached the car - because my amazing husband ran to the car and drove next to the door, so that I wouldn't have to get wet. *happy sigh*

4. Strawberries

Now is the time for them, the tasty domestic strawberries! We were indecisive whether to stock them up this summer. We didn't last year, because we moved just when the time was best for strawberries. We thought it'd be nice to have them, but also knew that, if we wanted them, we would need to freeze them this week, because we're going away for a trip. My father-in-law solved the problem for us as he popped round with a 5 kg box full of strawberries! So we rolled up our sleeves and got to work and now we're very happy that we have some of the strawberry yumminess prepared for the coming winter months :)

5. The trip

I won't say where or for how long, but this is the summer trip we have been expecting this year. Now it's almost here! I will tell you more about it once I'm back :)


  1. Praise God for awesome husbands! Love your cute Snoopy pic too :)

    1. They truly are God's wonderful gifts! Thank you!