Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Big Herringbone Cowl

This cowl is not picture perfect, but I'm well satisfied with it. Maybe because it's the first bigger knitting project in years that I have finished or even started. Unfortunately for me being a late-blooming knitter (in general too) this winter, I got around making it fairly late, which means that I finished it a little late and did only use it a couple of times before the weather became too warm for it. Well, I have more to look for to next fall, when the weather gets crisp and cold.

The instructions for this I took from a wonderful site called The Purl Bee. Granted, the cowl looks slightly better on her neck than on mine. But I'm a beginner! My change was to use a 100 % wool yarn, which probably made a difference in the texture too. My work isn't es even or flexible, but like I said, I'm happy with it and now I have a reason to make another one of these some day. I'm grateful for a reason, because I really do like the look of the stitch. 

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