Friday, July 6, 2012

High Five for Friday

After skipping one time last week, I'm again posting my favorite five things from the past week. As mentioned before, this marvelous idea is from Lauren @ From My Grey Desk and I'm linking up with her.

This annual Christian summer fest held last weekend is a summer tradition for us. A long-standing for my husband, and I've attended since 2006 with one exception. Evankeliumijuhla is Finnish and means Gospel fest. It's always wonderful to get together with thousands of people to listen to the word of God and meet up with friends. This year we were in Turku.

2. A visit from a dear friend

Picture from here
I had a friend visiting me this friend, my very best girl friend. We used to live in the same place for a long while. We got to know in high school and went to the same university afterwards as well. But since then we've lived in different parts of Finland and haven't seen each other so often. But like the quote says, you don't always see good friends, but you know they are there and that's the case with my dear friend as well. It was amazing to have her visit us and we managed to have a lot of fun during those couple of days. Lovely memories!

I used the American Independence Day as a reason to go on at least one picnic this summer. I was so excited to wear red, white and blue for the occasion! The day turned out wonderful and I am really thinking about turning it into a tradition :)

4. Summer weather

I know it isn't a lot compared to some places, but these couple of days with around 24 C = mid-70 F degrees have been a welcome chance to a somewhat mild and rainy June.

5. Local landscape

Originally from Northern Ostrobothnia region, hills used to be a rare sight. Now living in Pirkanmaa, I take pleasure in visiting some of these landscape viewing towers in this area. Having that friend over also encouraged us to take her to a couple of them. It was wonderful standing up there marveling over God's creation.


  1. Weather in the mid 70s is the best! We have been 100 + (40 degrees celsius) and it has been miserable. Sometimes I definitely wish we had more mild summers. Just found your blog and have loved getting to know you! I'm excited to follow along!

    new follower :)

    1. I really like mid 70s too! But what I mean by mild that the mid 70s for most summers are our "hot" days. We've had a lot of mid 60s and even 60s and under, even some mid 50s days this summer and those just don't feel like proper summer for me. I'd like the weather be in the 65-75 scale with maybe a couple of days hitting 80, but not very many :)

      I'm so glad you found my blog and liked it, I'm definitely heading over to yours to check it out!