Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Lelah Top: Part Two

I have made some progress with my Lelah Top. I've started the stockinette stitch now and hoping to get it done tomorrow on our long drive. We are attending a Christian summer fest this weekend (which this year is organized in my hometown) and I'm really hoping to get the top done by that so I could wear it there.

You'll get photos once it's done! :)

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Lelah Top: Part One

I'm finally making my own Lelah Top! I found this pattern through Ravelry (my love for Ravelry can't be fully described by words!) and clicked it to my favorites list on February 27th this year (dates and all, how cool is Ravelry!). I bought the yarn for it on March 4th (read inside the previous parentheses) and have been waiting for the opportunity to cast on ever since. Now I'm on summer vacation (paartay!!!) and more time to devote to this dear, although new, hobby of mine. I will at least show you the finished work, when it's done, but might just show pictures of the development too.