Sunday, June 3, 2012

Froyo popsicles

To celebrate the start of my summer vacation, I made these froyo popsicles. I bought this cute popsicle mold from Ikea not too long ago and have been scanning and gathering ideas for all kinds of popsicles from Pinterest. Idea for these specifically came from a photo I pinned from tast-e. I didn't have banana or fresh strawberries, but I decided to try them out with Turkish yogurt and strawberry puree I had on handy. I added a little bit of sugar in the strawberry puree and a little bit of golden syrup in the Turkish yogurt and layered them in the popsicle molds and let them freeze.

Loved them. I bet these would be really refreshing on a hot summer day. We haven't had many of those yet, but it's good to have this recipe tested for them, nevertheless :) I like that I know what's in them, meaning no conservatives etc and that they aren't too sweet. I'm also looking forward to trying out different kinds of popsicle variations. Summer weather, please co-operate with this expectation!