Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Bread loaf and carrot rolls

During the last week of school I baked for some of my German learners as well as workmates. For my German learners I made a German apple cake (Apfel-Streuselkuchen) in a pie dish (might post a photo and the recipe later). Halving the recipe, I was left with 25 grams of yeast. Yesterday, I used that to make the loaf breads. It was my first time with that specific recipe, and I wasn't sure, if my bread mold was big enough for the dough, so I made 1½ loaves. A little weird, but I know how to work it the next time. I wasn't faithful to the recipe in some of the ingredients either, so I guess I need to have a fresh try with it some time.

I had three carrots too, which I meant to grate in the bread dough. Forgot. So I decided to make a batch of carrot rolls of them. A very good recipe, yummy bread rolls. A pleased husband, eating my carrot rolls. What better way to start a holiday?

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