Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Summer shopping picks

Although the weather hasn't really been what I had hoped for for the start of my holiday (rainier and windier and a little colder too), I want to prepare myself for the summery days (hopefully) ahead and go shopping! I fixed a date with a friend of mine and this week we will hit the stores together. I thought I'd list some of the items I am going to take a look at and if satisfied, take home with me.

I had a similar pair years ago (without the ribbing) and wore them pretty much until they came apart at the seams. These kind of pants are so easy to pair with any kind of top basically and they are so comfortable to wear too. I'm not so much a heels girl though, I would wear these with flats (see below).

Simple, yet pretty. The other color options are pretty good too and I haven't really set my mind to this color yet, but I like the shade a lot. I really like the back of this top as well and the way it is a little flowy towards the hem.

Such colors, such models! I don't know yet, whether I will get any of these (they do cost some) and if I will, which would I choose and in which color, but man, they are pretty! Imagine the fun tan lines you would get with the last two pairs!

We shall see whether these pics find their way into my closet and summer style. What do you think of these? I will keep you posted on what I bought! 

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