Monday, June 25, 2012


Oh, I wish I knew how to describe this community properly! She Reads Truth started a little over a month ago when two women decided it's high time to start reading the Word daily. They wanted to encourage each other and other women in that aim, and so She Reads Truth became to be. It's not only a website, it's a movement, a range of different ways of communication to discuss about the daily devotionals. It's on Twitter, Instagram (I'm so bummed my cell doesn't support Instagram), Facebook as well as the website and in many, many a woman's journal.

What I love about this how easy the women have made it. Or rather, it was as easy earlier as well, but this community made me aware of it. Because of this community read, I have downloaded YouVersion Bible app on my cell phone and found their enormous variety of different reading plans. Right now I'm on Day 5 with Living the Surrended Life reading plan, which is the current read at She Reads Truth and I l-o-v-e it. It's not easy, no, but it's so right. The passages of the Bible and the short devotionals that go along with them have been so on target with me. I love reading it. I love that I'm now reading the Bible every day and it's so easy, because I can do it any spare moment I have, just as long as I have my cell. I don't mean that it's enough what I do, but at least it's daily. I want to read more than just those passages and sometimes I do, but I'm reading something everyday, which is a huge thing for me. And it feels good and hopefully has an impact.

I read about this whole thing from Kate @ The Small Things Blog at one of her High Five for Friday link-up posts. I was excited to find out about this thing and so happy Kate wrote about it, which is exactly why I am posting about it now. If someone, who really needs this, founds out about it because of this blog post, I'm really happy I wrote about. I encourage you warmly to check it out.

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