Friday, June 8, 2012

High Five for Friday

Lauren, from From My Grey Desk, has a fun weekly post in her blog. It's called High Five for Friday and it's about stating five favorite things from each week. Check out Lauren's top five for this week! So, you can link your own post in hers too and participate in this great idea, like I am in this post. This is my first time doing so, and hope to continue to do it. I'm not taking pressure for myself though as some Fridays will be really difficult for posting, if I'm out of town for the weekend. But here goes!

1. Summer vacation!

This week has been my first vacation week for this summer! I'm happy that I have accomplished stuff and not just been lying around. This is my first whole summer on paid vacation too, yay!

2. Sewing a skirt

Mine didn't turn out anything like the original, The Socialite Skirt by Leann Barrow, but once I got past the disappointment that it didn't look the same, I think I still made something nice and useful out of it. And it still met my criteria of being easy to throw on. Another post coming up from my skirt later on.

3. BBQ and sauna

Our new home is very cozy, but we don't have our own yard or sauna in this apartment. So we went to my in-laws' to barbecue and have a sauna this week, always fun!

4. A picnic blanket!

I've been wanting to have a proper picnic blanket for a little while now. There isn't a whole lot of use for it, but it's so welcome when there is. So when I found one on sale at Hemtex yesterday, I jumped at the chance. Hope this comes to good use this summer! And especially tomorrow, as my fifth and last thing on the list is...

5. Karkkugospel

This is not until tomorrow but I've been looking forward to it, so I'm going to add it to my list anyway. This is my 4th year attending this open air Christian youth event. It feels incredible that only my 4th, because now it's such a tradition. For my husband it's a really long-standing tradition and I've been going ever since we got married except one, because I was in Germany for my studies at the time. But tomorrow it is again, and I really hope the weather is fine!

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  1. nice idea, that high five -post. i might try that, too... maybe :)