Thursday, May 17, 2012


I have lots of ideas about what to do, but not so much determination that I have managed to finish or even start some of them. But I've made up a list (I love lists!) about things I want to do, handiwork-wise, for or on my summer vacation. I've started some of them and got material for most.

I'm on the last stretch with a crocheted waistcoat. I'm making this in white. I have lots of different colored T-shirts, tops and dresses and I thought white goes with all of them. I love the look of this and hope that my finished product will look as cute as this one on the photo.

I spent a wonderful evening out on the town with a dear friend yesterday, sitting in a cute little coffee place, eating waffles and talking. One thing we did, was going to a fabric store and I finally got some fabric for this skirt.

This is a project I will embark upon once my summer vacation starts in a few short weeks. It's Leanne's pattern and I just had to get the same kind of fabric for this, I love the marine feel of it. If this skirt turns out well, I'm pretty sure I will make more of these in different colored and patterned fabrics.

I have a couple of more ideas brewing, but one of them is a gift and I feel yet so insecure about the other that I don't want to share them yet. After they're done, I will give you peek :)

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