Monday, May 28, 2012

What would Jane knit?

Last fall, although I failed to mention it in this blog, because I was neglecting it altogether, I ordered a delightful little magazine called Jane Austen Knits. It felt like the perfect thing for me, being a total Austen addict and having discovered a love for knitting. I received my copy in November and love it, although haven't got round to making any of them yet (many a pattern is on my to-do list, though!)

Well, how do you think I reacted, when I found out there's a new issue of Jane Austen Knits with clothing for summer?! I had to have that one too! Today that precious magazine was dropped into our mailbox! I ordered it from Meadow Yarn and have to praise the shop. The ordered item came quickly and reliably, the postage wasn't a lot even to outside UK, the magazine was supported with a piece of cardboard to prevent any bending and on the invoice there was a little hand-written thank you signature and taped onto the invoice, a bag of organic peppermint tea :)

 So I would definitely recommend Meadow Yarn to anyone based on this experience! Now I will sink into the world of Jane Austen & knitting and start making a list of items I want to make :)

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