Sunday, May 27, 2012

Summery waistcoat

 So, now I have finished what I mentioned in my previous post. My crocheted waistcoat is done and ready for summer! I had it on for the first time yesterday and I'm really satisfied with the result. It looks and fits just like it ought to.

This is a Drops Garnstudio pattern from their huge collection. I had to play around with the pattern a little bit. I started making one in S/M size and I noticed fairly early on that it was going to be too big for me. I wanted to have the same fit as the model in the photo: not too loose. So I started out again  made the square back piece smaller. I needed to figure out how to be able to continue with the pattern directions and it took a little thinking, but I think it turned out really nice in the end.

I choose the color white, because I want this garment to be functional and be able to wear it with lots of different clothes. I have many bright colored T-shirts, tops and dresses and white doesn't clash with any of them, that's why I chose it. I believe I will be wearing this a lot in the coming summer months and am already looking for to more sunny days so I can put it on. I might add little strings on the front, so I can tie them in a knot, for windy but warm days. This was a quick and easy project and I'm really satisfied with it.

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