Friday, July 29, 2011

Blogging By Mail - Handle With Care

First of all, I want to apologize for not writing this post sooner... I present you my excuse - moved between towns just this week. When this round of Blogging By Mail was announced, I even considered not taking part, just because I wasn't sure I would be able to get the package together and in the mail in time, but then, still having time before the move, I decided I can make it. So, this July I took part in Blogging By Mail for the second time. This wonderful blog event is organized by Stephanie, The Happy Sorceress, from Dispensing Happiness. After getting over with my doubts about the schedule, I was extremely excited about being able to participate again. The idea of this blog event is to send a package to a given someone somewhere in the world and receive a package from someone else and then blog about it. It always has a theme too and this time it was Handle With Care - more precisely to send a care package of your must-haves, food-related or not to the person who you are paired with. I sent my care package essentials to the state of New York, USA to Chris of Hye Thyme CafĂ©. And I got the honor to receive a package from the woman behind the whole deal, Stephanie from Dispensing Happiness. And here it is:

The package was accompanied by a letter explaining why she has included everything she did.
First off, tea. Stephanie sent me tea from her favorite brand. I love tea too, so I am very pleased to be soon trying and tasting these new flavors. Might take a little while, though, before I do, the weather has been quite hot and humid for Finnish standards and I haven't been craving for tea for a little while. I'll be more than happy to take these out, once fall settles in and grab a good book in my hand and read and sip tea from a big mug sitting in the corner of my sofa.

I mentioned a book above there. Well, what do you know, I don't need to get that myself either, as Stephanie sent me Joanna Fluke's book called Chocolate Chip Cookie Murder! I've never read any of her books, but the name and not to mention the little tag saying "Includes recipes" got me very interested! Looking for to diving in! Next to the book, there's... chocolate! Love chocolate! I guess probably every one of these care packages included chocolate in some form. So essential for care packages :) These are from another of Stephanie's favorite brands. The flavors sounded intriguing and I'll probably sneak these into my work bag so I have something nice waiting for me after a particularly exhausting day :)

Next up: cookies. Stephanie made these herself, two kinds, chocolate chip cookies and chocolate almond biscotti. These I have already tried - and yummy! These have been my moving unpacking prizes that I can eat after accomplishing something in the making-this-apartment-fit-to-be-lived-in area.

Don't you just love these cute soaps?! Raspberry Cream Cupcake, Chocolate Cream Cheese French Macaron and Strawberry Frosted Minu Donuts. These are going to look so cute in my bathroom :) This picture also has Burt's Bees' lip shimmer in it. I've had lip balms from Burt's Bees and really liked it, so I bet I'm going to love this too. The balms have been so nice on the lips and as this has a little (delicate, not too flashy) shade in it too, it's going to be all used up in no time :)

And the last item: a puppy dog! Stephanie included this because she has dogs herself and how fitting it was for me! I'd love to have a dog. So far, our situation in life hasn't really allowed it, but I'm happy to have received this cute fellow to make it easier to wait until we can have a real one!

Well, Blogging By Mail was a blast again, and I'm already looking for to the next time! Thanks so much Stephanie for organizing this and for your wonderful package for me too!


  1. I was going to say thanks for the mention, but then I noticed that you posted on 7/29. That was birthday, so aside from all the goodies I got in my package from you, the "shout out" on my birthday was like another present. :) Thanks! LOL Hmmm, think I'm going to have to look for that book myself. I think it's funny that the author's name is a food too. A fluke is a fish.

  2. Esme - thanks, I really enjoyed it too!

    Chris - Oh wow, what a coincidence! Well, I'm glad I could do another favor for you :) I haven't started with the book yet, still a lot of clearing to be done because of the move, but it's definitely another motivator to get my home in order, so I can relax on the couch with the book!