Thursday, July 7, 2011

Crocheted Tank Top

The tank top in action

Finally a FO in the blog! This tank top has been ready for some time now, but it really got into use this last weekend. I don't know why I haven't been wearing it a lot more, because when I finished it, I was really looking for to wearing it, but at that time, the weather just wasn't right. And then after it was, this piece of clothing somehow never really made its way on my outings. (Maybe it was because I didn't want to have tan lines that I so often have on my back and shoulders.) Anyway, this last weekend I found out how wonderful this is to use, it's so soft and comfortable and lets the cooling wind breeze through. The pattern I got from one of my mom's old magazines and am very satisfied. I thought that a yarn like this with color variation needed a simple pattern to let the yarn shine. This is one of the first bigger pieces of clothing I've done and am so proud to be telling people that I've done it myself :)


  1. Mistä tän ohje on? (En ainakaan äkkiä löytänyt linkkiä...) Näyttää nimittäin kivalta. :)

  2. Ei siihen ookaan linkkiä. Ohje on Moda-lehdestä 3/2005. Löysin sen pääsiäisenä äitillä lehtiä selaillessani, tarkotuksena juurikin löytää ohje tolle langalle. Kirjastosta vois varmaan löytyä.