Sunday, December 2, 2012

Advent decorations

This year, the first Advent Sunday is in December. Most years it's in the end of November. I've seen a lot of these candelabra on people's windowsills already, but for me it just doesn't feel right to set them up before the first Advent. Today, in the morning, still in my jammies, I opened the Christmas closet and took them out.

In the morning

I love that we have snow now! It makes everything so much brighter! It's been coming in bulks since Friday afternoon, only pausing for a while at times. The scenery is completely different now than it was three days ago.

Our guestroom in the morning

* * *

This year I got to set up my Nativity as well. I used some of my birthday money to buy this set by Willow Tree. Just the basic set, but I might add on to it later. I'm so happy we now have a nativity. It just feels right to me to underline Christmas' true meaning that way. I really love Willow Tree's design, it's so simple and pure. This Nativity set is definitely a keeper and I love to think about all the future years I will take it out and set it up!

In the morning

In Finland Christmas trees are usually brought inside only closer to Christmas, so my decor is still somewhat low key. I plan on having our first real Christmas tree this year and probably will get it sooner than most Finns. I've been crafting and making some ornaments for that tree and can't wait to decorate it!

Do you have any special items you take out and set up during Advent?

I wish you a blessed Advent getting ready to celebrate the birth of Jesus!

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