Friday, November 9, 2012

High Five for Friday

Another Friday has rolled in. I'm really glad it has. The week has felt like an glimpse of an eye, but still I'm welcoming Friday with open arms. Here are my Top Five things from this week. This post is a link-up to Lauren's blog From My Grey Desk.

Number one: Zooey Deschanel Fringe

It looks even more like Zooey Deschanel when I have my hair up. I'm really loving the hair.

Number two: Downton Abbey Series Three

This I have waited and waited and waited, and finally Series Three is airing in Finland on Tuesday nights. The first episode was this week. I. Love. Downton Abbey.

Number three: A working data projector lamp

Work got a whole lot simpler once I got a new lamp for the data projector in my class. I'm happy and the pupils are happy.

Number four: Fashion party

I went to a fashion party at my friend's last night, which was great fun. Women everywhere trying on clothes and complimenting each other! I bought a pair of jeans, too.

Number five: A weekend back home

I'm very happy where I live now. That said, my roots are deep down on the northwestern coast of Finland. Last weekend we visited the town I come from I got to spend time with my parents, siblings, grandmas and my niece and nephews. Always a pleasure.

How was your week? Any great plans for the weekend? What was your favorite with my top things?


  1. love your hair! and fashion party sounds fun!!

    1. Thank you Katie! And thanks for stopping by!