Friday, October 5, 2012

High Five for Friday

Hey you people! It's Friday once again. Here it's a rainy and grey one weather-wise, but still, marks the beginning of the weekend, not bad! I'm again sharing my five favorite things from the last week in this post, linking up with Lauren @ From My Grey Desk.

1. New cell

I received my new cell phone, Sony Xperia Sola in the mail last Friday, but had such a busy Friday that I didn't have time to post my H54F post then. I've been getting to know its different features and so far I'm really satisfied. I even did a blog post on it the other day, and it was really handy too! Loving it.

2. My new blog buttons

By Kira @ Her New Leaf
I used Kira's Freebie social media buttons and her tutorial on how to add them. I think they are so pretty! Thank you Kira for your free buttons! You might notice a new one in there too. That's right, along with the new cell phone, I'm now on Instagram!

3. Girls' weekend

No, we didn't watch all the Disney Princess movies, this is just symbolic :) My three dear friends and I got together for a girls' weekend last week. We haven't met all together since March 2011 and it was just wonderful catching up on talking and spending time together. Naturally the weekend included good food and romantic comedies as well :) I really like this tradition we've started and hope we can arrange another one of these weekends in the spring or summer.

4. My new cake carrier

I bought a cake carrier from Tupperware. Their products are really good quality, but also fairly pricey for my budget. Now I decided it was time. Quite often when I bake, I take whatever I make with me somewhere: to work, to a gathering, to a potluck... But I haven't owned any kind of a cake carrier before, which has been inconvenient at times. But now I have a really good one.

5. The new Bond theme

I love Adele and I love Bond movies. I think the two of them go perfectly together. I've really liked the newest movies with Daniel Craig and I'm sure the next one will be another great film. The new theme song by Adele was released today, on the 50th anniversary of Bond movies. To me, this song is just what a Bond theme sound like.

Well, I hope you all had a great week and are facing an even better weekend! What was your favorite thing this week?

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